5 Most Useful Scripts in Python

5 Most Useful Scripts in Python

Published at - Nov 25, 2021

5 Most Useful Scripts in Python

5 Most Useful Scripts in Python

A list of Python scripts for converting JSON to CSV, generating passwords, searching for strings, fetching links, and watermarking images.

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Hello everyone, This is my first post on a useful Python script. I will publish more posts in the future where I will collect important scripts of Python or mini-projects to improve my Python skills.

Table of Content

· 1. Convert JSON to CSV · 2. Python Password Generator · 3. String search from multiple files · 4. Fetch all links from a given webpage · 5. Image Watermark

1. Convert JSON to CSV

This script will convert your JSON data to a CSV file. It takes .json a file as input and provides .csv the file as output.


pip install json

Python Script (json-to-csv.py)

<iframe src="https://medium.com/media/bc8b75b0d2b32e52d8c534e0ebd16152" frameborder=0></iframe>

JSON File (input.json)

<iframe src="https://medium.com/media/92ea762dd9abc5fd21d4c4776494d10d" frameborder=0></iframe>


python3 json-to-csv.py

2. Python Password Generator

This simple Python project is using random and string package to generate a random string of a given length.

Python script (python-password.py)

<iframe src="https://medium.com/media/ee9c688c9418bae8687654bfd1cde6c5" frameborder=0></iframe>


python3 python-password.py

3. String search from multiple files

Finds a file with the supplied string in the folder of your choosing.

Python script (search-string.py)

<iframe src="https://medium.com/media/06f6f0afe1c98683136155127bfda8b4" frameborder=0></iframe>


python3 search-string.py

4. Fetch all links from a given webpage

This script gets all links from a particular website and saves them as a text file.


pip install beautifulsoup4 requests

Python script (get-links.py)

<iframe src="https://medium.com/media/8d14a9ee4d3c9abf1a7582cee91ec177" frameborder=0></iframe>


python3 get-links.py

5. Image Watermark

This project will take a photograph and put a watermark of your choice on it.


pip install Pillow

Python script (watermark.py)

<iframe src="https://medium.com/media/58c693435b8a6972d3d05b003deeadd4" frameborder=0></iframe>


python3 watermark.py [image_path]

Replace [image path] with the image on which you wish to apply a watermark.


I have provided 5 scripts to learn Python. I hope these will help you learn something new. Clap 👏 on this post to learn more posts from this series of posts soon. Learn more python script posts here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this lesson; you can follow me to read more tutorials from me in the future. Thank you for your time.

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