Best Programming Languages To Learn

Best Programming Languages To Learn

Published at - Jan 10, 2022

The information technology and data science sectors are built on programming languages. To create creative applications, software developers and data scientists use a variety of programming languages. In this post, I'll go over the "Top 10 best programming languages to learn at the beginning of 2022" so you can get a head start on your career as a software developer or data scientist.

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When it comes to the best programming languages, Python is at the top of the list. Python, in all of its grandeur, is extremely popular among developers and data scientists due to its simplicity and adaptability. Python may be used to create web and desktop apps. Desktop applications with a graphical user interface, ML models, network servers, and much more.

The typical entry-level Python programmer salary in the United States is $65,000 per year (or $30.7 per hour), as per Indeed. Skilled Python engineers make an average of $114,000 each year (or $53.9 per hour), whereas middle Python developers make $82,000 per year (or $38.8 per hour).


R is a multi-paradigm programming language that was first released in 1993. It is built on dynamic arrays. It runs on all major operating systems, including Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. R is unique in that it serves as both a statistical and graphical environment.


When it refers to server-side application development, Java is the undisputed king. It's a class-based object-oriented programming language that is used to create software like mobile apps, web apps, games, web servers, and application servers. Java has traditionally been the most popular programming language for creating Android apps.


Microsoft created the C# programming language. C# is object-oriented programming (OOPs) language that is both versatile and open source. Back-end development, game development, web/desktop application development, and mobile application development for Windows phones are the most common uses. framework is used to execute it.


C++ is a general-purpose, cross-platform programming language that was created as an extension of C by Bjarne Stroustrup of Bell Laboratories in the early 1980s. As a consequence, the features of OOPs imperative and generic programming languages are combined in C++. C++ provides developers with a great amount of control over memory and system resources, as well as speed and efficiency, allowing them to design and construct high-performance programs.


Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed programming language. Because its primary objective is the JVM, its architecture is entirely compatible with Java. It also compiles to javascript or native code, making the development of Android applications considerably faster and more efficient. As a result, kotlin has a promising future in Android development.

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