The typescript workshop - A practical guide to confident, effective TypeScript programming

The typescript workshop - A practical guide to confident, effective TypeScript programming

Aug 31, 2021

Written by - Ben Grynhaus, Jordan Hudgens, Rayon Hunte, Matt Morgan, and Wekoslav Stefanovski

Pages - 715

Size - 10.56 MB

By learning TypeScript, developers can start writing cleaner, more readable code that is easier to understand and less likely to contain bugs. What's not to like? It's certainly an appealing prospect, but learning a new language can be challenging, and it's not always easy to know where to begin. This book is the perfect place to start. It provides the ideal platform for JavaScript programmers to get to grips with writing eloquent, productive TypeScript code.

Unlike many theory-heavy books, The TypeScript Workshop balances clear explanations with opportunities for hands-on practice. You'll quickly be up and running building functional websites, without having to wade through pages and pages of history and dull, dry fluff. Guided exercises clearly demonstrate how key concepts are used in the real world, and each chapter is rounded off with an activity that challenges you to apply your new knowledge in the context of a realistic scenario.

Whether you're a hobbyist eager to get cracking on your next project or a professional developer looking to unlock your next promotion, pick up a copy and make a start! Whatever your motivation, by the end of this book, you'll have the confidence and understanding to make it happen with TypeScript.


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