Top 10 algorithms in data mining

Sep 17, 2021

In an effort to identify some of the most influential algorithms that have been widely used in the data mining community, the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM,

Learn Python in One Day and Learn It Well

Sep 14, 2021

This book is written to help you learn Python programming FAST and learn it WELL. If you are an absolute beginner in Programming, you'll find that this book explains complex concepts in an easy to und...

Python Programming for Beginners

Sep 14, 2021

The beginning of the modern Python programming started in December of 1989. The creator of this program was Guido van Rossum who began programming as more of a hobby. At the time, van Rossum was worki...

Introduction to Python for Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis

Sep 09, 2021

Python is a popular general purpose programming language which is well suited to a wide range of problems.1 Recent developments have extended Python’s range of applicability to econometrics, sta...

Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition, O'REILLY - download

Sep 03, 2021

Since 2008, the Python world has been watching the slow evolution of Python 3. It was always known that the adoption of Python 3 would likely take a long time. In fact, even at the time of this writin...

Python Cheat Sheet pdf download

Aug 23, 2021

Python 3 is a truly versatile programming language, loved both by web developers, data scientists and software engineers. And there are several good reasons for that! • Python is open-source and...

Introduction to machine learning with python

Aug 18, 2021

Author: Andreas C. Müller & Sarah Guido Published: 2017 Pages: 379 Language: English File Size: 31.5 MB Machine learning is an integral part of many commercial applications and research proj...

PYTHON 3 Cheat Sheet 2021

Aug 17, 2021

Author: Real python Published: 2021 Pages: 12 Language: English File Size: 281 Kb Python is a beautiful language. It’s easy to learn and fun, and its syntax is simple yet elegant. Python is a p...

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