Breadcrumb for Codeigniter 3

Breadcrumb for Codeigniter 3Feb 18, 2021

Demo – https://demo.domprojects.com/ci-breadcrumb/ Installation Download CodeIgniter 3.x.x Unpack the archive Copy the contents of the uncompressed archive to the root of your site or copy th...

How to Set Dynamic Base Url in CodeIgniter

How to Set Dynamic Base Url in CodeIgniterFeb 16, 2021

To set dynamic base_url in codeigniter 3 we need to follow steps given below. Open application\config\config.php file. Replace `$config[‘base_url’]` with following code. What this code ...

How to remove index.php in Codeigniter

How to remove index.php in CodeigniterFeb 10, 2021

To remove index.php from codeignter urls we need to follow following steps. Allow overriding htaccess in Apache Configuration (Command) Change $config[‘index_page’] = “index.php&#...