Go Lang Tutorial: Conditions

Go Lang Tutorial: Conditions

Published at - Jan 11, 2022


A switch statement allows you to compare a variable to a list of values for equality. Each value is referred to as a switch case, and each switch case is compared to the activated variable.Condition is a conditional statement that instructs the computer to perform a certain action if the condition is fulfilled.

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If/Else in golang

In programming, this is a typical type of conditional statement that tells the computer to do something if the condition is true. If the condition is false, do something else.

if day == "sunday" || day == "saturday" {
} else if day == "monday" && isTired() {
} else {

Statements in if in golang

In an if statement, a condition can be preceded by a declaration before a. The statement’s stated variables are only valid until the conclusion of the if.

if _, err := doThing(); err != nil {
fmt.Println("Uh oh")

Switch Case in golang

A switch statement enables a variable to be compared against a list of values for equality. Each value is referred to as a case, and each switch case is compared to the variable turned on.

switch day {
case "sunday":
// cases don't "fall through" by default!

case "saturday":


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