Major Differences between Python and R Programming Languages

Major Differences between Python and R Programming Languages

Published at - Nov 10, 2021

Python vs R: Learn the major differences between Python and R programming languages and get answers to some common questions.

The approach to data science is where the two languages differ the most. However, although R is primarily used for statistical analysis, Python offers a broader approach to data manipulation. Python is a multi-purpose language with a legible syntax that is simple to learn, similar to C++ and Java.

Let’s see some other questions which are very common.

Is R simpler to learn than Python?

Python and R are both regarded to be quite simple to learn. Python was created to be used for software development. R, on the other hand, may be a little easier if you have a background in statistics. Overall, Python’s easy-to-understand syntax makes it easier to learn.

R or Python, which is better for machine learning?

Both R and Python have benefits when it comes to machine learning projects. Nonetheless, Python appears to outperform in data handling and repetitive jobs. As a result, it is the best option if you intend to construct a machine learning-based digital product.

Is it feasible to use both of these languages in the same project?

Yes, there are tools (like the feather package) that allow us to interchange data between R and Python while also integrating code into a single project.

Python or R, which is more popular?

Python is the third most popular programming language (and has risen by more than 2% in the last year) in all of computer science and software development, according to the September 2019 Tiobe index, while R has declined from 18th to 19th place.

Is R more helpful than Python?

Python has more machine learning packages available, such as sklearn`; it is better for general programming jobs and is more readily production sized, and Python is better for data cleansing (as Perl used to be) and text analysis.

Should I learn Python if I’m already familiar with R?

Learning to use Python may be beneficial. If you are a beginner who already understands R, learning Python will be simple.

And there you have it. Thank you for reading.

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