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Free Web Hosting and Domain Name

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Isn't it nice to have an online profile? It stays on the internet for everyone to view, and sharing it with others is simple. You may showcase all of your work or portfolio on a single website.

Making your machine learning algorithms projects interactive will be a great method to show people how strong your model is if you're a machine learning developer.

If you're a beginner web developer or software engineer, you're definitely searching for a place to save your code so you can better express yourself. Otherwise, even reading codes might get tedious! A more effective method is to use visuals.

These free tools will come in handy if you are a software engineer, data analyst, freelancer, or looking to start a new business and require a landing page but are on a low budget.

I'd like to provide some useful tools that can assist you in creating a free web portfolio.


This is a free hosting service with no limits. It even comes with a great c-panel and all of the standard hosting features like a database, WordPress installation option, and more. You are allowed to host as many websites as you wish for free. Isn't it incredible?

At the start of my career in technology, I worked as a WordPress developer. To obtain work, I needed to create a portfolio to showcase my abilities. This domain was utilized to host a few phony websites that I created.

In the beginning, you may also utilize this hosting service for your small business.


This is also the place where you may receive an infinite number of free domain names. It's quite improbable that you'll be able to obtain a.com,.net, or.org name for free. Those top-level domains come at a cost. They are in high demand since they are continually available.
The following domains are available for free:.tk,.ml,.ga,.cf, or.gq. As a result, your website will be similar to myDomain.tk or mydomain.ml.
Those may not appear appealing, but they fit my objective of hosting dummy websites and building a portfolio.
This is an excellent option if you need a free portfolio. However, if you want a website with a.net,.com, or.org domain, you may pay for the domain and still get free hosting.


You can download And install it for free if you have a hosting account and a domain. This is a fantastic tool. Building an online portfolio might be intimidating if you aren't a front-end developer. It's as simple as that.

There are hundreds of themes to choose from. Choose one that meets your needs. There are hundreds of YouTube lessons available. Finding an appropriate theme and a suitable lesson that is excellent for you may take a day or two, if not longer.

Other page builders are also available. Because that's what I used, I mentioned Elementor. The best part is that there are a ton of videos on YouTube that explain to you how to use it.


I'm writing this since I had to spend a lot of time looking for free hosting and a name to host my code. It took me a long time to locate them. For novices or even a start-up, these sorts of free materials may be really beneficial. I hope it is of assistance to you. If you do something cool with these, please let us know in the comments area.