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Is it Worth Using Free Web Hosting?

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NO, I would say.

Despite the fact that there are several free web hosting solutions accessible, the question remains: Is it a good idea to utilize free hosting?

Since 2004, I've worked in the hosting and server industries. Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that free hosting is never a smart idea. This is why:


Free hosting has constraints such as limited server space, sluggish speed, no uptime guarantee, and no backup, among others. You may not know how important it is at the moment, but these things create issues over time.

No Warning:

The supplier may update the SLA (Service Level Agreement) without informing you. Why do you think that is? Because he owes you no explanations or cautions if he is supplying you with free hosting.


It is fairly usual for a hosting provider that offers free hosting to suddenly shut down its services without warning. This will cause downtime for any sites that use their services until they find a new supplier. And, as we all know, downtime hurts a website in a variety of ways, including missing payments, decreased visitors, and a negative image.

Data loss:

The free hosting service does not provide a backup guarantee. As a result, one hypothesis suggests that the site may collapse, and you will lose all of your data.
Isn't it terrifying?

They may or may not (read: almost never) have the necessary tools and abilities to retrieve the data. As a result, it is already regarded as gone.

Conditions of use:

The supplier reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of its services at any time. It's self-evident; it's their money and their regulations. There are no concerns about how it may damage your website. They may also begin demanding/charging a specific amount (no matter what the amount is). Result? You wind up spending a lot of money on a web hosting service that isn't really good. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.