These 7 Front-End Websites Should Be Bookmarked Immediately!

These 7 Front-End Websites Should Be Bookmarked Immediately!

Published at - Oct 29, 2021

I can confidently state that I mostly know what I’m doing now that I’ve been working with front-end web frameworks professionally for over 5 years.

Throughout this road, I’ve discovered a number of helpful resources and websites that have shown to be highly beneficial to my progress.

Here’s a list of sites that every front-end developer should bookmark (particularly those who are new to the field). 😃


[CSS-Tricks]( websiteCSS-Tricks website

This website includes everything you need to know about CSS, including articles, videos, and my personal favorite, guidelines. I routinely go to the instructions on the subjects that provide amazing pictures and straightforward explanations whenever I’m building UI and forget how flexbox or grid function.

Always comes in handy.


The name says it all, but isn’t your typical documentation website. They get to to the point by displaying several CSS properties in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Each CSS attribute has a number of examples next to it to help you quickly find the information you need.

What else do you require from a set of reference documents?


[Coolors]( WebsiteCoolors Website

Make your personal website stand out with a striking color scheme. This website has evolved since I first used it, but my favorite feature is the ability to create your own palette (see above).

Experiment with different color combinations to find the one you like best, and then use the hex colors provided to implement them in your own projects. This is helpful not only when dealing with front-end apps, but also when creating and styling anything.



We’ve all been in that situation. You’ve completed all of the scaffolding for your app and are now ready to begin adding content. For text, it’s simple to add “Lorem ipsum…”, but for photos, you’ll need to go through the process of Googling for images and making sure they’re the right size, free, and so on.

Unsplash assists you by offering high-quality, “freely-usable” photos that are simple to incorporate into any project or blog (such as this one). When downloading photographs, you have the option of selecting the size (small, medium, or big) that best suits your needs.

A fantastic resource for any front-end app.


I recently discovered It’s similar to a front-end technical blog with a large number of contributors. React, Angular, Vue, CSS, JavaScript, and other topics are covered.

Keep up with the latest technology developments, as well as articles and tutorials to help you improve your front-end abilities. It’s well worth bookmarking.



What? Is there a Github repository? Now that you’ve calmed down, read the rest of the README to see what valuable resources this repository has to offer.

In resource lists, this is the be-all and end-all. Basically, it’s a never-ending, community-curated resource list. And it’s not just one repository.

Other repositories where people have their own thematic “great” lists ranging from Nodejs and Python to interview questions and design may be found here.

I shouldn’t say this, but instead of looking through blogs like this (which I truly enjoy, by the way), go to “amazing,” which has been curated over years by a large number of knowledgeable and compassionate individuals.

Brand Palettes

[Brand Palettes]( Palettes

Brand Palettes is a collection of brands and their associated colors. That’s all there is to it. Regardless, it’s a useful tool to have in your back pocket.


I have listed down 7 important websites which every frontend should bookmark. Many of you already know these awesome websites.

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