Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In 2022

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In 2022

Published at - Jan 10, 2022

We are living in a period of flux, with occupations being lost to automation while others demand specialized skills and credentials. With 2022 approaching, if you are considering your profession, make sure you are future-proofing your skillset or even transferring into a new industry. So let's have a look at this one by one below 👇

10. Systems Analyst

In this job role, you will create strategies to help in issue solutions by studying the organization's systems. As an analyst, you will also test programs and databases to ensure they are functioning properly, as well as do security audits and documents on the organization's systems. They are in charge of resolving the challenges in a cost-effective manner.

Skills required for systems analyst-

Analytical abilities, data analysis, programming skills, technical analysis, and project management are some of the skills and needs for this occupation type.

The average salary of a systems analyst in UAS - $1,45,000

The average salary of a systems analyst in INDIA- ₹16,00,000

The best course to become a systems analyst

9. Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain engineer specializes in the design and implementation of blockchain-based architecture and solutions. By 2023, global spending on blockchain solutions is estimated to reach 15.9 billion USD. As a result, there will be a high need for blockchain professionals across businesses and locations. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are on the rise, blockchain technology still has a long way to go.

Skills required for blockchain engineer-

A blockchain engineer should have strong programming abilities as well as an in-depth grasp of the technology that powers ripple. In addition to consensus approaches, security protocol stacks, crypto libraries, and functionalities.

The average salary of a blockchain engineer in UAS - $1,50,000

The average salary of a blockchain engineer in INDIA - ₹15,00,000

8. Product Manager

A product manager assists in determining product criteria, while the engineering team oversees the product's development from conception through launch.

Product managers are in charge of developing an operational plan that will aid in the achievement of strategic and tactical goals and objectives, as well as constructing a product portfolio, managing and implementing marketing efforts, and contributing to the product strategy and vision.

Skills required product manager-

A good awareness of product lifecycle management, as well as expertise of product management technologies such as pivotal tracker, Jira, and asana, are some of the abilities necessary for a product manager. Analytical and time management abilities are second to none.

The average salary of a product manager in UAS - $1,60,000

The average salary of a product manager in INDIA - ₹25,00,000

7. Full Stack Developer

There are now approximately 23 million developers worldwide, with a potential increase to 27.7 million by 2023. A full-stack developer is one of the tops paid IT occupations in the market. Is someone who is well-versed in both front end and back end development, or someone who has expertise in all stages of development, from concept to finished product.

Skills required for full stack developer-

Technology such as MongoDB, express.js, angular js, and node.js are among the knowledge and abilities necessary to become a great full-stack developer. How to design and construct an API, as well as code and scripting fundamentals of web development fundamentals of database technologies

The average salary of a full stack developer in UAS - $1,64,000

The average salary of a full stack developer in INDIA - ₹11,00,000

6. DevOps Engineer

From planning to support to customer happiness and productivity, a DevOps engineer is essential to the project's entire success. A DevOps engineer is responsible for integrating project functions and resources across the product life cycle, from planning to testing to deployment and support.

Skills required for devops engineer-

Coding and scripting, as well as an awareness of deployment and network operations, are some of the talents required of a DevOps engineer. Knowledge of a Linux or Unix system, as well as familiarity with DevOps technologies such as git and Jenkins. DevOps engineers in administration may be in charge of creating and managing a deployment architecture that integrates cloud services to automate procedures or shell scripting in PHP, python, and ruby.

The average salary of a devops engineer in UAS - $1,76,000

The average salary of a devops engineer in INDIA - ₹11,00,000

5. Data Scientists

Data scientists are in high demand, with year-over-year growth of 29% and a spectacular 344 percent gain since 2013, and for all the right reasons. A data scientist examines and interprets complicated data in order to assist companies in making more informed and timely choices.

Skills required for data scientists -

A data scientist must be able to comprehend machine learning methods, develop data models, and code in languages such as Python and R. Analytical tools help to detect company difficulties and give relevant solutions while also allowing for better communication.

The average salary of a data scientists in UAS - $1,84,500

The average salary of a data scientists in INDIA - ₹15,00,000

4. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect plans, implements, and manages a company's cloud computing strategy. A cloud architect is in charge of creating cloud architecture, defining a cloud strategy, coordinating its implementation and deployment, and ensuring that application architecture and deployments on the cloud are done correctly.

Skills required for cloud architect-

A deep grasp of cloud application architecture is one of the skills and expertise required by cloud architects. Understanding of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. At least one operating system, computer programming languages, security, and excellent communication skills are all required.

The average salary of a cloud architect in UAS - $1,97,000

The average salary of a cloud architect in INDIA - ₹26,00,000

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