VS Code Extensions to Boost Your Productivity 3X

VS Code Extensions to Boost Your Productivity 3X

Published at - Nov 29, 2021

Hey everyone, here’s another VS Code extensions post that’ll help you boost your productivity and fast-track your workflow.


It is the world’s leading AI tool trusted by 1 million developers in almost all programming languages. Tabnine AI studies your code using deep learning to predict and create customized suggestions depending on how you write your own code. It can help you cut your coding time to less than half, and minimize the chances of mistakes. Its local completion model runs on your machine keeping your code safe and Tabnine even works offline. Tabnine supports most of the popular libraries, frameworks, and languages including JavaScript, Java, React, Python, Vue, PHP, Kotlin, Angular, C / C++/ C# Rust and TypeScript,

If you like to work in teams they have a pro version that is trained using advanced AI models. Tabnine is trained while you’re on the team project and even a small interaction with it will improve its AI accuracy improving team productivity.

Get Tabnine

Better Comments:

Better comments is an extension that can help you create “Human-friendly” comments in your code. It is an example of how a small idea can help you increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work. Using this extension, you can categorize your annotations into queries, alerts, highlights, and to-dos. This extension also gives you an option for comment style other than default comment style that can be selected through settings. Personally, it helps me spot important to-dos that might get skipped from my agenda.

Get Better Comments


Blox is another extension that can help you improve your productivity as it lets you drop code snippets with a single click. It’s aimed at fast-tracking the developer workflow through the ease of adding pre-built UI components without leaving your VS Code window. Blox is supported by React, Angular, Vue, and TailwindCSS.

Get Blox


Stepsize helps you bookmark your code, report technical debt and code to refactor. If you find an issue while coding that needs to be fixed but you don’t have enough time to do it, in that case, you can bookmark code and create to-dos straight in your IDE without compromising on your work or affecting your workflow. Stepsize also allows you to collaborate with your teammates on maintenance and refactoring work.

Get Stepsize


Sonarlint is another extension for devs that lets you fix coding issues even before they exist. For example, just like spell checker, SonarLint points out bugs and security Vulnerabilities as you write your code, with guidance on how you can fix them before the code is even committed. SonarLint in VS Code supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, HTML and PHP code.

Get SonarLint

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These are the top 5 must-have vs code extensions that I personally recommend for any developer. I am using these extensions for a long time and these are working like a charm and helping me to boost my productivity. So, I have decided to share those with you and by luck, I find this article here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this; you can follow me to read more tutorials from me in the future. Thank you for your time.

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