What are the features of React JS?

What are the features of React JS?

Published at - Aug 13, 2021

React Js is used to develop single-page web application and have many features to improve user experience. I am going to write down some of them.

  • JSX: JSX is a syntax extension to JavaScript. It is used with React to describe what the user interface should look like. By using JSX, we can write HTML structures in the same file that contains JavaScript code.
  • Components: Components are the building blocks of any React application, and a single app usually consists of multiple components. It splits the user interface into independent, reusable parts that can be processed separately.
  • Virtual DOM: React keeps a lightweight representation of the real DOM in the memory, and that is known as the virtual DOM. When the state of an object changes, virtual DOM changes only that object in the real DOM, rather than updating all the objects.
  • One-way data-binding: React’s one-way data binding keeps everything modular and fast. A unidirectional data flow means that when designing a React app, you often nest child components within parent components.
  • High performance: React updates only those components that have changed, rather than updating all the components at once. This results in much faster web applications.

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