What Does It Take to Be a Successful Web Developer?

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Web Developer?

Published at - Oct 27, 2021

Good day, developers!

I’m creating this post to share what I’ve learned on how to be more productive when working on a website.

I’ll give you some pointers to help you deliver things more quickly and effectively.

Feel free to share your own experiences and assist others.

So, let’s get started with some pointers.

1. Make use of frameworks

For a frontend developer, frameworks are essential!

Frameworks are a collection of pre-built templates that we may utilize to create our own projects.

Despite the fact that learning a framework appears to be difficult, productivity is great.

2. Make a collection of your code snippets in a library.

This practice will boost your productivity to new heights!

Any API or code you build for one project will almost certainly be utilized in another.

As a result, keeping a library for your own code allows you to reuse functions and save time debugging!

3. Write blogs of your own project

You may create a little blog on how you completed any activity or assignment you completed! This is a very productive assignment since it allows you to have a better understanding of the project while also allowing you to establish a platform network for yourself via blogs, YouTube, and other platforms…

4. Make use of tools and extensions

Tools and extensions will help you save a lot of time! There are several browsers and IDE Extensions available to simplify and tidy up the chores. Also included are several tools for recreating or performing the desired function!

5. Understand and master Git

Photo by [Roman Synkevych](https://unsplash.com/@synkevych?utm_source=medium&utm_medium=referral) on [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com?utm_source=medium&utm_medium=referral)Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

One of the most powerful and life-saving technologies for web developers is Git & GitHub! When you understand Git, you’ll be able to do a wide range of tasks and increase your productivity to new heights! Git can complete a task in seconds that would take an eternity without it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I believe this information will assist you in increasing your productivity. Don’t forget to follow me in Medium to see more posts like this.

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Hello, I am Harendra Kumar Kanojiya - Owner of this website and a Fullstack web developer. I have expertise in full-stack web development using Angular, PHP, Node JS, Python, Laravel, Codeigniter and, Other web technologies. I also love to write blogs on the latest web technology to keep me and others updated. Thank you for reading the articles.

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